If you have questions regarding this form, please contact Whitney Parsons at photos@missga.org.  
All open end questions should be answered including "why". 

If you were chosen to star in a movie, who would you choose to be your co-star?


What is your definition of beauty?


Where would you take someone if you toured your hometown?


What is the most meaningful experience you have had working with your platform?


What public figure do you admire?


Where is the most favorite place you’ve traveled?


Why is your platform such an important cause for you?


What is/was your favorite subject in school?


What is your career ambition?

I suggest writing/typing your answers to each question before you submit the form.  There may be a case where I will follow up with you to edit an answer(s).  If I contact you to edit an answer, unfortunately, the original form will have to be deleted and you will need to re-submit.  Hopefully this will not happen but on a few occasions but by keeping your answers, you can quickly complete any re-submissions.